Mill City Farmers Market

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The past week I made it the Mill City Farmers Market with my boyfriends sister, Jill. She is always showing me the hot spots in Minneapolis and I am super thankful I have her around! The Mill City Farmers Market isn't just filled with fresh vegetables and fruit... it's actually a market that inspires and nurtures a healthy community of people by building a local, sustainable, and organic food economy in a vibrant marketplace.

If you can't make it this summer to 704 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN you should at least check out their delicious recipes on their company website

Oh, stay tuned for when I check out these other markets...I guess this means I will need to think of some super healthy recipes, right?!

Fulton Farmers market
Kingfield Farmers Market

Chef Shack Ranch has the best sweet potato tacos!

I can't wait to have my own BIG garden...the balcony space isn't cuttin' it.

Jill's daughter grabbing some Ames Farm can find these honey jars at your local Trader Joe's.

The 1878 Washburn A Mill Explosion - what was once Minneapolis' largest industrial building and the largest mill in the world

Kiss my Cabbage...yes please!

Stacked thin rings are the best. 

You can find these bad boys here

Who doesn't love free samples?!


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