Greenworld Greenhouse Succulent Farm

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Did you know there are over hundreds of different succulent plants? Neither did I till I visited Craig and Cindy's succulent farm in North Branch, Minnesota. The Greenworld Greenhouse has hundreds of succulents to choose from and everything was arranged so beautifully...which made it extremely hard to pick out the seven succulents I needed for my planting pot. Succulents, which are also known as "fat plants", because of their juicy leaves, are super easy to care for and makes it ideal for people with a busy schedule. They can easily survive with dew or mist since they retain so much water in their leaves...or as Craig likes to say "my generation" loves the low maintenance plants. 

The picture above is showing only a third of the greenhouse - if you turn to the right you can see a couple other greenhouse tunnels attached. Pretty magical...

My boyfriend's niece picking out some awesome succulents...she was even having a hard time!

Craig (owner) working his magic and planting the succulents I picked. I totally could have done this myself but I wanted to document the creation instead...Craig probably thinks I'm a total weirdo snapping pictures of him!

How 'vintage' does this arrangement look? Obsessed! The light brown plant to the right is called a copper spoon...cute, right?!


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