Jalapeno Infused Vodka

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This concoction is perfectly paired with fresh lemonade or a bloody mary drink - it's the perfect mix of spice on a hot summer day. Throw in some ice cubes in a pitcher with lemonade or bloody mary mix and BAM! you have a summer drink for all your friends. 

Read this next part carefully...the directions can get tricky.

You will need vodka (your choice) and sliced jalapenos...then throw the two ingredients in your favorite bottle or mason jar. 

And you're all finished...I was kidding about the tricky part ;)

Store in a cool dark place for one to two weeks. The longer the jalapeno stays in the vodka the spicier the vodka gets. For a less spicy flavor, drink or remove the jalapenos after one week. For a spicier flavor, drink or remove jalapenos after two weeks.


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