DIY Door Good Luck Charm

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This DIY door good luck charm makes a great gift for kids or friends...something about horseshoes really excites them!

You can find the horseshoes on Etsy or on a think I am kidding but I found one of mine on a farm. For the yarn I found an ombre one which was a huge time saver because I did not have to switch out the yarns to get the different color effect. 

Materials needed:
  • Horseshoe
  • Yarn (I used an ombre one so I didn't have to switch out the colors)
  • Leather strap for handle or I used the handles from a gift bag. 
  • Quote tag - you don't have to add this but I like to write a little note. 
  • Tie one end of the handle with yarn (picture below) and start wrapping tightly around the horseshoe. 
  • Once you get close to the other side, slide quote tag onto handle, and wrap other side of handle tightly with yarn. Tie a double knot and tuck in end of yarn or cut off. 


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