Balcony Decor for Less

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Hanging out on a patio (or in this case a balcony) with a yummy cocktail is by far one of my summertime favorites. 

Its been since November 15th that I moved into my new place and it's finally time to decorate the good ole balcony. A cute little 4x7 patio doesn't need much so its important to get a few useful pieces. 

My total spend was $92 but I had a couple good finds at the local Salvation Army plus coupons at World Market. 

You can easily replicate this look:
  1. Rug
  2. Pillow
  3. Black chair
  4. Yellow table
Snap a photo of your patio or balcony and tag the picture with #breakfastatcarols ... can't wait to see it!


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