The Bad Waitress Diner

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The Bad Waitress Diner works with local distributors to ensure freshness and high quality for their end-product. It is the perfect place to get some work done and enjoy a classic grilled cheese...basically a super trendy diner with super cool people. Naturally, I wore my hipster glasses and brought my leather camera bag to fit right in.  

For the freshest ingredients here is a list of distributors they partner with... 

Co-Op Partners (The Wedge) / Twin Cities, MN
The Wedge Bakery / Minneapolis, MN
Espresso Services, Inc. / Minneapolis, MN
Espresso Supply / Seattle, WA
Trio Paper Supply / Minneapolis, MN
Fischer Family Farms / Waseca, MN
Hope Creamery / Hope, MN
Boars Head Meat & Cheeses
Kadejan Free-Range Chicken / Glenwood, MN

Cardigan: Anthropologie, Shoes: Birkenstocks,T-shirt: Zara Necklace: ALDO, Glasses: Warby Parker, Jeans: Zara, Leather Camera Bag: Etsy, Watch: The Horse

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  1. Love that leather bag. Cute outfit and beautiful background. Keep the photos coming!