Charleston, SC: Santi's

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If you like margaritas then this is your jam...

We came to this place for a casual lunch spot with a couple of the guys is a Charleston local so he knew what he was getting into when he took us to Santi's. Tai Tien, Muy Bien!

The menu comes from Santi’s hometown of Puerto Vallarta. The tacos are doused in richly braised pork with a spicy red sauce next to some refried beans. The quesadilla and mexican pork taco's are fabulous choices too. I guess the restaurant use to be a former Huddle House but it has transformed over the years into an oasis with a lush patio and outdoor dining. 

I snapped a couple great photos of my friends Heather and Tyler...check out the pictures below and the restaurant if you are ever in town!


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