Day 1

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Whoa...can't believe I am finally here and ready to roll. After months of making excuses on why my blog wasn't finished I finally dropped everything and made it happen. To be honest, I was actually pretty intimidated with the idea of people reading what I wrote and thought...but in reality my end goal was to get better at writing/photography and a blog was perfect for me to achieve those goals.

So over the past year, I've been hearing a ton about blogging and how satisfying it has been for the creator behind them - I started thinking...I must be crazy not to create one of my own!?

Again, so why blog?

1. I want to become a stronger writer. In general, writing to me is about thoughts on paper and captivating others to agree with them. Obviously, writing improves with practice. I know by starting a blog it will not force me to become a better will naturally happen as I write more and more. Practice, Practice, Practice!

2. Better photographer. A blog isn't the same without the right photography, am I right?! Half the time I visit my favorite blogs because of the amazing photos they post. Check out a few of my favorite blogs with awesome photography...Davy, cupcakes and cashmere, Love Taza, Pinch of Yum.

My attempt at food photography with an iphone

3. Encourage myself to try new things in a new city. I just moved to Minneapolis in November 2014 (sniff*sniff* goodbye Chicago) and not going to lie... its tough getting yourself to do things in a city you barely know anyone. Essentially, I will be more motivated to do different things and meet more people if I have a place to document them.

Moving Day


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