City Garden

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My last place in Chicago had a pretty large patio with plenty of room for my "city garden". Whereas, there was plenty of room the natural light only shined for a couple of hours onto the patio...which is why I am very excited about my new place in Minneapolis - SUNSHINE all day!!

After only one year of gardener experience (plenty of time to figure out if you have a green thumb) I found top three herbs that do pretty well in your apartment. All I need to do is make sure their roots don't rot and they have around 5 hours of sunlight...easy enough right?

I recommend heading to Trader Joe's - during the winter their selection is limited but it's good start.

1. Thyme. This bad boy needs around six hours of sunlight a day. If six hours of sunlight isn't doing the trick you might need supplemental light to keep him happy.

2. Basil. This is my favorite herb to cook with so naturally I had to add it to the bunch. The best type of basil to grow indoors would be Thai basil or African blue.

3. Sage. This is the tastiest herb to use for chicken or stuffing recipes. Plenty of sunlight and a roomy container is all you need to make your sage herb grow.

If all goes according to plan you will be seeing these little guys in upcoming recipe posts. 

Pretty gangster right?


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